The Crashing Down of Hollow Years (blackpaladin) wrote in darkovergaming,
The Crashing Down of Hollow Years

Looking to schedule events for Darkover 36

For those that haven't heard, Jo has been given too many other hats to wear for the running of Darkover (and, starting next year, its successor, which at least tentatively has been titled "ChessieCon"), and so has officially passed the title of "Game Room Department Head" to me. Jo, thank you so much for getting the game room running, organized, and a vital part of this convention; I hope to continue down the path that you have blazed.

To that end, we are (once again) trying to get more scheduled and organized events for Darkover this year. So, if you would like to run something, please let me know! I would like to actually have a relatively constant schedule of things if we have the people who are willing to volunteer.

I'm already planning on organizing an Android: Netrunner tournament, and assuming we have sufficient participation, I will be talking to Dan (the games guy in the Huckster Room) about possibly donating a gift certificate for the winner. Things we would like to have in the game room this year:

* Teaching and playing sessions: There are lots of new games hitting the market in the last few years, and nobody's had the chance to learn them all! So we would like to block out a few hours for a teaching and at least one (more if participation and game availability allow) playing session. Let me know maximum number of players, game length, and about how long you think it will take to teach the rules.

* Role-playing sessions: Generally, the Game Room has not had the participation to really warrant RPG sessions. We're looking to change that. If you have a module that you would like to run, please let me know (including approximate time and number of players, along with whether the rules can/will be taught).

* Tournaments: If you'd like to run a tournament of something, we need to get it organized and publicized NOW. Especially if we have to investigate our own prize support. Let me know minimum (and maximum, if necessary) number of players, approximate time commitment, whether I need to talk to someone about prizes, and any other necessary logistics.


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