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Darkover Gaming's Journal
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Friday, September 27th, 2013
9:35 am
Looking to schedule events for Darkover 36
For those that haven't heard, Jo has been given too many other hats to wear for the running of Darkover (and, starting next year, its successor, which at least tentatively has been titled "ChessieCon"), and so has officially passed the title of "Game Room Department Head" to me. Jo, thank you so much for getting the game room running, organized, and a vital part of this convention; I hope to continue down the path that you have blazed.

To that end, we are (once again) trying to get more scheduled and organized events for Darkover this year. So, if you would like to run something, please let me know! I would like to actually have a relatively constant schedule of things if we have the people who are willing to volunteer.

I'm already planning on organizing an Android: Netrunner tournament, and assuming we have sufficient participation, I will be talking to Dan (the games guy in the Huckster Room) about possibly donating a gift certificate for the winner. Things we would like to have in the game room this year:

* Teaching and playing sessions: There are lots of new games hitting the market in the last few years, and nobody's had the chance to learn them all! So we would like to block out a few hours for a teaching and at least one (more if participation and game availability allow) playing session. Let me know maximum number of players, game length, and about how long you think it will take to teach the rules.

* Role-playing sessions: Generally, the Game Room has not had the participation to really warrant RPG sessions. We're looking to change that. If you have a module that you would like to run, please let me know (including approximate time and number of players, along with whether the rules can/will be taught).

* Tournaments: If you'd like to run a tournament of something, we need to get it organized and publicized NOW. Especially if we have to investigate our own prize support. Let me know minimum (and maximum, if necessary) number of players, approximate time commitment, whether I need to talk to someone about prizes, and any other necessary logistics.


Department Head, Game Room, Darkover 36
Thursday, October 18th, 2012
10:29 am
Coming This Year to Darkover: Game Trade and Sale Table!
We all have games that we don't want anymore. Whether they're things that weren't as good as we thought they'd be, or games that have been superseded by others, or just things for which our interest has waned, they sit on the shelf and collect dust while looking at us pitifully. (And, in some cases, cause our spouses to look at us and say "You have too many games. It's time to cull.") As the saying goes, if you're not going to play the clarinet, you might as well give it to a kid who will.

So we're going to try something new this year. I don't know how well it's going to work, but we'll give it a shot: The Darkover Game Trade and Sale Table. Here's the skinny.

There will be one (maybe two if there's enough interest) table set aside with a stack of index cards. Place your game on the table, along with an index card with your name, a number where you can be reached for the weekend (in case you're not in the game room), and a preferred sale price and/or game(s) you would like in trade. If someone sees something they want, they find you, you negotiate the details, and everybody walks away happy. Whatever of yours is still there at the end of the weekend, you take home.

(Of course, if people want to start negotiating trades before the Con, why look, here's a perfectly usable space... :) )

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Darkover Grand Council Meeting, the Armida Council, and the Staff of the Game Room WILL ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY for trades, sales or other exchanges conducted through this function. We're all big boys and girls here, let's deal with each other as such.
Monday, November 14th, 2011
4:20 pm
Gaming Request Thread: blackpaladin Edition
Well, folks, we're about a week and a half out from Darkover, and the few, the proud, the faithful readers of this community are no doubt chomping at the bit to get your game on. But, I hear you cry, how do I go about making sure my favorite game will be at the Con?

If you happen to own a copy of this miraculous game, and are willing to make it available to the Darkover gaming crowd, then obviously, the easiest way is to bring it yourself(*). There will be shelving space available (not a lot, as those of us who bring shelves usually also bring enough games to fill them), or you can supply your own.

If, however, that is not the case, here is my collection of games (courtesy of Board Game Geek). If you see anything in particular on it that you would like to see at the con, please make a comment here, and if it is feasible to make said game(s) appear in the game room, they will be there.

(*) Darkover Grand Council Meeting 34 and its Staff assume no liability for games that are lost or stolen. That being said, we are most of us responsible adults, this is a community, and we know that without the giving spirit of the community, this whole thing wouldn't happen. Be reasonable, folks.
Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
10:53 am
2 weeks! Eek!

We're not doing any particular schedule for games this year (except mah-johng), but we still need to schedule staff. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do super-late shifts, at least not both nights, and the woman who usually takes up that slack when I fall over won't be here this year. So, who's in, and for what time ranges?
Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
3:29 pm
Game Room organizers seek Gamers for events!
Greetings to the Darkover gaming community! For those who don't know me, my name is Trevor Schadt, and I have the honor of being Jo's Lieutenant once again this year for the Darkover Gaming room.

First of all, some great news: we have a permanent space (other than the Board Room) this year! (Off the top of my head, I don't remember where it is, but that's beside the point. ;-) ) This means, among other things, we can establish actual scheduled events... which brings me to the main point of this post: we are looking for people to run events!

If you would like to run something, please get back to either Jo or myself no later than October 1 so that we have time to compile a schedule and submit it in time to get into the program book. Please include the following information:
* Your name
* Name of game
* Name of event, if applicable (if you're running, say, a role-playing game or something)
* Length of time slot
* Time slots you would prefer (as many as possible)
* Time slots you absolutely can't do

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
12:16 pm
Darkover schedule
We're not doing a full game schedule this year since we have the big room (which makes it easier to just wing it (woot!)), but I want to schedule a few things, and I want to make sure we have room coverage the whole weekend.

blackpaladin, stevemb, cptsevern: please let me know the range of hours it's OK to schedule you for being in charge of the room.

Anyone else willing to volunteer (mneme? scruffycritter? dcseain?) please let me know when you're willing to do that - or if you don't know because you haven't seen the program yet, let me know you're willing generally and we'll figure out specifics later.

ETA: Someone wants to do demo games for his company throughout the weekend, and I've basically offered him the boardroom. I'm going to make it his responsibility to find the Person with Clue when he wants the room opened/closed (everybody has cell phones, right?), and if he leaves it unattended he loses it. We can also use it for overflow if necessary, or for games where that kind of table is a plus, but I'm not going to try to keep both rooms open all weekend - that just splits the staff and makes things crazier than necessary. The program still says boardroom, so we'll want a sign saying that open gaming is elsewhere.
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
9:13 pm
Good news and a cry for help
A gameroom-sized room for the whole weekend has magically appeared again this year. W00T! This makes me less inclined to do a full schedule (since there will be room for open gaming all the time), but more inclined to make sure there are some interesting things planned that we otherwise might not be able to manage. Last year the big attraction was Dominion. This year the new big game seems to be Ascension, and it looks like we'll manage a tournament.

Other ideas for tournaments/teaching games/something interesting to say in the program would be greatly appreciated. I need to get program information to the conchair by morning (sorry late notice, but I just found out about the room and it changes everything).

Meanwhile, I need to decide what to do with the boardroom. I don't want to try to run 2 rooms at once again, though I don't want it to disappear on us and it might be useful for overflow during tournament times. Thoughts?
Saturday, September 25th, 2010
10:37 pm
Ack, it's almost October! You guys know the drill: please volunteer and/or suggest games Real Soon Now.

blackpaladin, please check your email.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
12:55 pm
Darkover gaming web info
I need to make a decision Real Soon Now about what to put on the web as "highlights" of the game room. blackpaladin and I talked about the possibility of another Dominion tournament, but we don't have a lot of space this year, so we're not sure it will work. I can say on the site that we'll do this if there's space, but I'd like to have something more definite, and if we can do something fun that isn't the same as what we did last time, that would be great. Any thoughts? Any new games out there?
Saturday, November 21st, 2009
3:45 pm
I'm currently working on labeling my games and making a list of everything I'm bringing. I strongly suggest anyone bringing games do the same. I'm not worried that anyone will walk off with things on purpose - not even a little. But there were a lot of games floating around last year and I want to make sure everyone goes home with what they came with. We'll have sign-out sheets this time (and more space for shelves, yay!). We don't have anyone enforcing that, but I don't think that will be an issue. Hopefully it will help us track the movement of things if there's ever a problem.
Saturday, November 14th, 2009
3:45 pm
thanks dmk!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009
3:01 pm
semi-final schedule
This will hopefully appear on the Darkover site soon too.

Gaming will be happening in the boardroom AND Ridgely 1 from 2pm Friday - 3pm Sunday (with perhaps occasional breaks for staff to sleep, but our goal is to be open continuously). In addition to the schedule below, there will be space for open gaming. Come play with us!


2pm-4pm Revolution (Boardroom)

Blackmail the printer. Threaten the innkeeper. Bribe the priest. Welcome to Revolution!, a game of garnering influence among the power centers of the city. Knowing when to bid, when to bluff, when to back off and let your opponents butt heads with each other is the key to victory.

4pm - 6pm Ticket to Ride (Boardroom)
Players collect cards of various types of train cars they then use to claim railway routes. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who fulfill Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities. We will teach and play the original board, 1910, Europe, Switzerland or Marklin, depending on the whim of the players who arrive.

4pm - 6pm Dominion teaching session (Ridgely 1)
Come learn this popular card game before the tournament Saturday at noon! In Dominion, each player starts with an identical, very small deck of cards. In the center of the table is a selection of other cards the players can buy as they can afford them. Through their selection of cards to buy, and how they play their hands as they draw them, the players construct their deck on the fly, striving for the most efficient path to the precious victory points by game end.

6pm - 8pm Stone Age (Boardroom)
Players struggle to survive the Stone Age by working as hunters, collectors, farmers, and tool makers. As you gather resources, and raise animals, you work to build the tools needed to build your civilization.

6pm - 8pm Race for the Galaxy teaching game (Ridgely 1)
In Race for the Galaxy, players build galactic civilizations with game cards that represent worlds or technical and social developments.

Each turn each player chooses one action, but the others will share in the actions chosen. Only the selected phases occur. For these phases, every player performs the phase's action, while the selecting player(s) also get a bonus for that phase.

9pm-Whenever The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Mah Johng Game in Timonium (Ridgely 1)

Play all night or just a few hands. We have several sets and we love to teach!

9pm-1am Arkham Asylum (Boardroom)

The sleepy little town of Arkham, MA is anything but "sleepy." In the shadows, where everybody looks but nobody sees, unnatural things crawl, slither and stalk. An ancient Egyptian exhibit on display at the local museum echoes with powers whose names exist now only as legend, but have not forgotten when they once walked the world as gods. In the neighboring town of Innsmouth, Federal Agents fight against increasingly difficult odds to maintain the peace. Through it all, the Cult of the Black Goat of the Woods hatches its own evil schemes. But behind it all lies an evil so overwhelming that its name dare not be whispered. Do you have the fortitude to step up and do battle against the forces that man was not meant to know? Arkham Horror is a cooperative game for 1-8 players. The rules will be taught before the players pit their skill and ingenuity against the Ancient Ones.

The game setup will include the base game, along with the following expansions: Black Goat of the Woods, Cult of the Dark Pharoah, and Innsmouth Horror.

10am-Noon Munchkin (Boardroom)

The game is like the the D&D experience, stripped of that "roleplaying" stuff -- go into the dungeon, kill the monsters, and try to advance your character level higher and get more cool stuff than the other players.

Noon-5 Dominion tournament (Ridgely 1)

The winner will receive a copy of the latest expansion, Dominion: Seaside!

Maximum 16 seats available - please email gaming@darkovercon.org to sign up, or come by the boardroom during the con to see if we have space left. Don't know how to play? Come by Ridgely 1 at 4pm Friday and learn!

4pm-8pm Agricola (Boardroom)

Players take on the role of subsistence farmers, deciding which of a limited set of actions to perform over the coming season in order to grow their farm, feed their family, and make room for new family members. An action optimization game in the tradition of Caylus.

4pm-6pm Thugs (Ridgely 1)

Welcome to Thugsville, where the Thugs want to hurt you, the Mole People want to help you, and you just want to leave town before your opponents. Thugs is a maze game with an ever-changing landscape.

Take turns building the maze using cards from your hand; advance your pawn through the maze encountering friends and foes; commit acts of sabotage; generate earthquakes to wreak havoc on the layout of the game; fight thugs to steal cards from your opponents…and guide your pawn through the maze to a glorious victory!

6pm-9pm Power Grid (Boardroom)
Supply cities with power by balancing resources to buy power plants, cities and fuel. A constant struggle to upgrade your plants for maximum efficiency while still retaining enough wealth to expand your network and buy raw materials.

8pm-11pm Tigris & Euphrates (Ridgely 1)

The game of Tigris & Euphrates lets you play a part in the epic saga of the rise of great civilizations. Your dynasty struggles to develop and control the most vibrant culture in the rich land between the two rivers. Create the best balance between markets, temples, settlements, and farms, as you and your people try to forge your own new civilization and dominate the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates.

8pm-midnight Lunar Rails (Boardroom)

Welcome to the Moon! Face the challenges of building a rail empire on this barren and airless world. Plot your network of steel to earn fortune and glory. Your rails, and those of your competitors, will span the surface of the moon, transporting goods from supplier to demand.

10-noon Settlers of Catan (Ridgely 1)

Players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. On each turn dice are rolled to determine what resources the island produces. Players collect these resources to build up their civilizations to get to 10 victory points and win the game.

noon-2pm Robo Rally (Boardroom)

You're a robot trying to find your way through a dangerous widget factory filled with moving, course-altering conveyor belts, metal-melting laser beams, bottomless pits, crushers, and a variety of other obstacles. Including the other robots.
12:52 pm
Good: We get a second small room ALL WEEKEND!!
Bad: it's smaller than the room we got for overnight last year
Good: I don't think it's smaller than the amount of that space we were actually able to use for tables
Bad: we'll need slightly more staff hours to cover both rooms 24/3
Good: this completely removes the hassle of shuttling things back and forth twice a day, makes it easier to figure out which games are where at any given time, and means we can put shelves in both rooms
Bad: no time to get this change into the program, but I can make signs and include it on the game schedules when I print them.
Good: the rooms are closer to each other, which makes whatever setup/communication/shuttling we need much easier

We *could* have all 3 rooms if we want, but I think that's just crazy. Any thoughts? I need to go play with the schedule I *just now* finished, but I don't think there will be much change except that now we can run something at the same time as the Dominion tournament. If there are any gamers not in it :). Oh, and while I'm at it, the prize for the tournament is going to be a copy of the newest expansion, Dominion Seaside.

If anyone has card tables and shelves they can bring, please let me know. The need is now greater and I don't want to have to run out and buy them.
Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
3:18 pm
Request: At the Gates of Loyang
Could I please request that someone bring a copy of "At the Gates of Loyang" (assuming it's actually out and widely available, which I believe it should be) to Darkover? I am not in a position to drop another $75 on one new game (we're still playing the new-ness out of Agricola!), but it looks like a very interesting game and I'm eager to give it a try. Thanks!
Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
2:39 pm
very tentative schedule
  • scream if your name is on here where it shouldn't be
  • please let me know if you're available for any of the setup times.
  • Trevor: you get to choose which of these time slots you're stuck with Agricola :).
  • Steve: I know you only committed to 2 things, I'm just hoping for the third - if that doesn't work I'll come up with something else.
  • Josh: Dominion tournament only worked during the time slot you had available, so you seem to be off the hook.

    I'll be able to make this more final after I hear from people. Thanks, Everyone!

    2pm-4pm Revolution (Steve)
    *4pm - 6pm Agricola (Trevor) or Ticket to Ride (Greg)
    4pm - 6pm Dominion teaching session (Jo or Nathaniel)
    *6pm - 8pm Agricola (Trevor) or Stone Age (Steve?)
    6pm - 8pm Race for the Galaxy teaching session (Jo)
    8:00 - 8:30 setup for Greenspring Ballroom (NOT Trevor or Jo!!)
    9pm-1am Mah Johng (Jo and Angus)
    9pm-1am Arkham Asylum (Trevor)

    10am-12pm Munchkin (Steve)
    noon-4 Dominion tournament (Jo and Trevor)
    *4pm - 6pm Agricola (Trevor) or Ticket to Ride(Angus)
    4pm - 6pm Race for the Galaxy (Jo)
    *6pm - 8pm Agricola (Trevor) or Stone Age (Steve?)
    6pm - 8pm Thurn & Taxis (preferably not Jo)
    7pm-7:30pm setup for Greenspring Ballroom (??)
    8pm-11pm tigris & Euphrates (Jo)
    8pm-midnight Lunar Rails (Angus)
    11pm-2am Power Grid (Jo or Nathaniel)

    10-noon Squint (Jo)
    10-noon Settlers of Catan (Greg or Nathaniel)
    noon-2pm Dominion Final game (if we run out of time Saturday) (Jo or Trevor)
    noon-2pm Robo Rally (Greg)
    2pm-3pm teardown
  • Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
    5:32 pm
    Dominion tournament
    I'm trying to get an idea how much interest there would be in a Dominion tournament at Darkover. There would be prizes of some kind, though we're not sure what they would be yet, and we'd devote a session to teaching sometime before it happened. The folks here are a small sample, but it might give me a clue whether it would be worthwhile. Is there interest? How much time would people want to commit to it (we could easily make it anywhere from 2-8 hours)? Other?

    General gaming schedule is forthcoming: please speak up if there's something that should be on it/times you don't want to be on it that you haven't mentioned yet.
    Monday, July 13th, 2009
    3:44 pm
    I've started thinking about gaming schedule for this year, so it's a good time to put out the word. Is anyone interested in running/teaching/playing anything specific? willing to let me put your name on something random? know someone not on this group I should be asking? other?
    Monday, December 1st, 2008
    2:38 am
    Darkover highlights
  • my terrific, responsible volunteers
  • seeing how much the things I did in advance mattered (in particular persuading Jaelle to give us more space, going to TCEP to spread the word and fish for volunteers, and printing schedules)
  • numerous comments about game room being a much-needed addition to the con
  • 2 rooms full of happy gamers who would have otherwise had no place to go
  • people showing up for almost every scheduled event
  • 15% of the con attendees using the game room at some point
  • being asked back for next year before I could even present my plea
  • did I mention the volunteers rocked?

    Things to discuss/remember for next year:
  • talk to Maile in advance about setup for the boardroom - swap out the useless chairs, get tables in the back, no glasses/dishes on the table.
  • the boardroom has one key and they want one person to hold it. This turned out not to be a huge problem, but it's something to remember when scheduling because it means the same person has to be available to lock up at night and open in the morning.
  • find out whom we're sharing space with and coordinate room layout/times/expectations/etc. in advance. (yeah, we're going to get the same kind of 2-room situation next time, but I hope to be more involved in the decision about where the second space is).
  • water stations
  • better storage/shelving. Some of the storage we thought we'd have was blocked by the extra tables in the back of the boardroom. YAY that we had space there, because I think those 2 tables made an enormous difference, but it cut our game storage to 1/3 of what we were planning.

    I'm sure I have more, but I'm exhausted so that's it for now. Any other comments/questions/requests/suggestions?

    Current Mood: accomplished
  • Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
    8:11 pm
    Game room sign
    There are several like it, with different sets of words. "Assassinating Hitler" is in the group with "awesome" :).

    Current Mood: proud and silly
    Monday, November 24th, 2008
    10:49 am
    a cry for volunteers
    Our gap in volunteers is overnight (big surprise). If no one wants to game in those hours, this is fine, but I suspect we'll have some late-night folks who want to play. I'm hoping to keep the room open for them, and I'm willing to crown volunteers from among them, but it's going to get tricky because whoever is there last needs to move things back to the boardroom and get the front desk to lock it. If necessary I can take the bulk with me when I go to bed and leave behind a small collection, which would minimize the hassle for whoever stays later.

    In short, we have no volunteers for 4am-10am Saturday morning or 2am-10am Sunday morning. We can work it out at the con, but if anyone is willing to speak up now and claim a chunk of that time, please do.
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