The Crashing Down of Hollow Years (blackpaladin) wrote in darkovergaming,
The Crashing Down of Hollow Years

Gaming Request Thread: blackpaladin Edition

Well, folks, we're about a week and a half out from Darkover, and the few, the proud, the faithful readers of this community are no doubt chomping at the bit to get your game on. But, I hear you cry, how do I go about making sure my favorite game will be at the Con?

If you happen to own a copy of this miraculous game, and are willing to make it available to the Darkover gaming crowd, then obviously, the easiest way is to bring it yourself(*). There will be shelving space available (not a lot, as those of us who bring shelves usually also bring enough games to fill them), or you can supply your own.

If, however, that is not the case, here is my collection of games (courtesy of Board Game Geek). If you see anything in particular on it that you would like to see at the con, please make a comment here, and if it is feasible to make said game(s) appear in the game room, they will be there.

(*) Darkover Grand Council Meeting 34 and its Staff assume no liability for games that are lost or stolen. That being said, we are most of us responsible adults, this is a community, and we know that without the giving spirit of the community, this whole thing wouldn't happen. Be reasonable, folks.
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