Jo (nosebeepbear) wrote in darkovergaming,

Darkover schedule

We're not doing a full game schedule this year since we have the big room (which makes it easier to just wing it (woot!)), but I want to schedule a few things, and I want to make sure we have room coverage the whole weekend.

blackpaladin, stevemb, cptsevern: please let me know the range of hours it's OK to schedule you for being in charge of the room.

Anyone else willing to volunteer (mneme? scruffycritter? dcseain?) please let me know when you're willing to do that - or if you don't know because you haven't seen the program yet, let me know you're willing generally and we'll figure out specifics later.

ETA: Someone wants to do demo games for his company throughout the weekend, and I've basically offered him the boardroom. I'm going to make it his responsibility to find the Person with Clue when he wants the room opened/closed (everybody has cell phones, right?), and if he leaves it unattended he loses it. We can also use it for overflow if necessary, or for games where that kind of table is a plus, but I'm not going to try to keep both rooms open all weekend - that just splits the staff and makes things crazier than necessary. The program still says boardroom, so we'll want a sign saying that open gaming is elsewhere.
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