Jo (nosebeepbear) wrote in darkovergaming,

Good news and a cry for help

A gameroom-sized room for the whole weekend has magically appeared again this year. W00T! This makes me less inclined to do a full schedule (since there will be room for open gaming all the time), but more inclined to make sure there are some interesting things planned that we otherwise might not be able to manage. Last year the big attraction was Dominion. This year the new big game seems to be Ascension, and it looks like we'll manage a tournament.

Other ideas for tournaments/teaching games/something interesting to say in the program would be greatly appreciated. I need to get program information to the conchair by morning (sorry late notice, but I just found out about the room and it changes everything).

Meanwhile, I need to decide what to do with the boardroom. I don't want to try to run 2 rooms at once again, though I don't want it to disappear on us and it might be useful for overflow during tournament times. Thoughts?
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