Jo (nosebeepbear) wrote in darkovergaming,

very tentative schedule

  • scream if your name is on here where it shouldn't be
  • please let me know if you're available for any of the setup times.
  • Trevor: you get to choose which of these time slots you're stuck with Agricola :).
  • Steve: I know you only committed to 2 things, I'm just hoping for the third - if that doesn't work I'll come up with something else.
  • Josh: Dominion tournament only worked during the time slot you had available, so you seem to be off the hook.

    I'll be able to make this more final after I hear from people. Thanks, Everyone!

    2pm-4pm Revolution (Steve)
    *4pm - 6pm Agricola (Trevor) or Ticket to Ride (Greg)
    4pm - 6pm Dominion teaching session (Jo or Nathaniel)
    *6pm - 8pm Agricola (Trevor) or Stone Age (Steve?)
    6pm - 8pm Race for the Galaxy teaching session (Jo)
    8:00 - 8:30 setup for Greenspring Ballroom (NOT Trevor or Jo!!)
    9pm-1am Mah Johng (Jo and Angus)
    9pm-1am Arkham Asylum (Trevor)

    10am-12pm Munchkin (Steve)
    noon-4 Dominion tournament (Jo and Trevor)
    *4pm - 6pm Agricola (Trevor) or Ticket to Ride(Angus)
    4pm - 6pm Race for the Galaxy (Jo)
    *6pm - 8pm Agricola (Trevor) or Stone Age (Steve?)
    6pm - 8pm Thurn & Taxis (preferably not Jo)
    7pm-7:30pm setup for Greenspring Ballroom (??)
    8pm-11pm tigris & Euphrates (Jo)
    8pm-midnight Lunar Rails (Angus)
    11pm-2am Power Grid (Jo or Nathaniel)

    10-noon Squint (Jo)
    10-noon Settlers of Catan (Greg or Nathaniel)
    noon-2pm Dominion Final game (if we run out of time Saturday) (Jo or Trevor)
    noon-2pm Robo Rally (Greg)
    2pm-3pm teardown
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