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Darkover highlights

  • my terrific, responsible volunteers
  • seeing how much the things I did in advance mattered (in particular persuading Jaelle to give us more space, going to TCEP to spread the word and fish for volunteers, and printing schedules)
  • numerous comments about game room being a much-needed addition to the con
  • 2 rooms full of happy gamers who would have otherwise had no place to go
  • people showing up for almost every scheduled event
  • 15% of the con attendees using the game room at some point
  • being asked back for next year before I could even present my plea
  • did I mention the volunteers rocked?

    Things to discuss/remember for next year:
  • talk to Maile in advance about setup for the boardroom - swap out the useless chairs, get tables in the back, no glasses/dishes on the table.
  • the boardroom has one key and they want one person to hold it. This turned out not to be a huge problem, but it's something to remember when scheduling because it means the same person has to be available to lock up at night and open in the morning.
  • find out whom we're sharing space with and coordinate room layout/times/expectations/etc. in advance. (yeah, we're going to get the same kind of 2-room situation next time, but I hope to be more involved in the decision about where the second space is).
  • water stations
  • better storage/shelving. Some of the storage we thought we'd have was blocked by the extra tables in the back of the boardroom. YAY that we had space there, because I think those 2 tables made an enormous difference, but it cut our game storage to 1/3 of what we were planning.

    I'm sure I have more, but I'm exhausted so that's it for now. Any other comments/questions/requests/suggestions?
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