Jo (nosebeepbear) wrote in darkovergaming,

a cry for volunteers

Our gap in volunteers is overnight (big surprise). If no one wants to game in those hours, this is fine, but I suspect we'll have some late-night folks who want to play. I'm hoping to keep the room open for them, and I'm willing to crown volunteers from among them, but it's going to get tricky because whoever is there last needs to move things back to the boardroom and get the front desk to lock it. If necessary I can take the bulk with me when I go to bed and leave behind a small collection, which would minimize the hassle for whoever stays later.

In short, we have no volunteers for 4am-10am Saturday morning or 2am-10am Sunday morning. We can work it out at the con, but if anyone is willing to speak up now and claim a chunk of that time, please do.
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